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Administrative And regulatory Law

Since its founding, SR AND PARTNERS LLP has been widely recognized as one of the pre-eminent public policy law firms. The collective knowledge of “how government works” derives from the skill and experience of the attorneys and policy advisors at SR AND

Lawyers at SR AND PARTNERS LLP, representing a diversity of practice groups and client interests, regularly appear before courts and government agencies, representing the interests of domestic and international corporations, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals, among others.

The understanding of the attorneys at the Firm of the complexities of regulatory agencies, rulemaking processes, and regulatory frameworks is due to its vast experience in the field. The practice of the Firm is augmented by the knowledge of the specific industry sectors those agencies regulate, enabling the Firm to provide expert advice on the impact of proposed or pending policy changes, the potential impact of those changes, and how best to plan for pending regulatory changes well in advance of their realization.